Continuous improvement in all areas

Our commitment is to never compromise on the quality of our products, performance, and services.

We consistently strive for excellence in quality of our products that create value for our customers and end-users. This is achieved by implementing continuous improvement principles in all areas of our business.

We always follow the “zero error” quality principle, we are proactive, innovative and inclusive when it comes to implementing our customers` requirements and expectations in the improvement of processes and products.

IM employees are empowered to recognize and understand customer expectations, to analyze customer perceptions, and to improve customer satisfaction. They are encouraged to make continuous improvements to operational performance at every step of the value chain.

Long Term Compliance

Our integrated management system ensures compliance with the applicable international standards.

How we ensure quality?
  • Quality Planning: ensures consistent quality from planning through development to production. To achieve that we use structured methods with standardized and innovative tools.
  • Supplier Quality Management: ensures that suppliers meet our high-quality standards. Long-term partnerships are key for our mutual success.
  • Laboratory Testing: provides advanced testing techniques and measurements by using modern equipment.
  • Quality System: integral Quality System ensures continuous compliance with applicable standards by means of Quality Assurance.

To fulfill our customer’s requirements and expectations, we share our Good Practices among all our market segments:


We combine constant focus on the consumer or patient needs with a quick response when it comes to developing new innovative products that are efficient, reliable, and powerful at the same time.


Advances and new technologies in the industry unleash our creative mindset when it comes to designing drive solutions that minimize emissions and are fitted for integration in autonomous driving and electric mobility applications.

Smart Home

Conceptualizing and designing smart and innovative solutions, from household appliances with increasing device interconnectivity to smart home solutions that include any kind of drive mechanism.


Precise and reliable mechatronic solutions for adjusting, lifting, turning, driving, lowering that get the job done efficiently and with maximum performance.