Optimized technological processes

Digitalization offers numerous opportunities for optimizing production processes. Potentials realized in this way create a more flexible and reliable production chain that meets individual customer wishes with ease.

Industry 4.0

At IM we integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into manufacturing processes in order to automate, improve and optimize. By collecting and evaluating data at every production stage we are able to guarantee traceability, improve predictable maintenance and decision making, and minimize downtime.

Smart and flexible manufacturing

Our manufacturing services can cover the versatile needs of our customers. From individual prototypes through medium-sized volumes to large-scale projects. IMs modular production approach enables high scalability and easy reconfiguration fitted to individual requirements.

One-stop shop solution

By mastering a wide range of technologies, we can offer innovative services and are very responsive when it comes to implementation. Our expertise ranges from prototyping and tool design to industrialization of metal stamping, plastic injection molding and numerous assembly technologies.


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IM Core technologies

Complex molding


  • vertically integrated molding cells with in-line integrated technologies (Multicolor tampo printing, Stamping, Surface reflective metallization)
  • metal overmolding (bobbins, stators, BLDC connector plates, stator insulation),
  • 2K molding (two different materials molded, sealings),
  • visual deco parts,
  • medical deco parts,
  • plastic precision gears.

Complex stamping


  • products with deep drawn segments, precise tolerance,
  • deep drawn products,
  • final assembly within stamping tool,
  • adaptive tools,
  • adaptive oiling system on stamping machine,
  • 100% in line quality control of parts on stamping machine,
  • automated packaging on stamping,
  • vertically integrated stamping process, washing, assembly, overmolding, packaging.

Complex assembly


  • customized In-house assembly process design,
  • custom in-line EOL measurement, testing and calibration,
  • in-house EOL/assembly line SW development,
  • automatic process and product data collection,
  • full product and component traceability,
  • advanced joining techniques,
  • computer vision supported robotized soldering,
  • US welding,
  • rotor and stator assembly, including winding with in-line coil quality control,
  • electric motor vacuum potting,
  • ESD protected environment.