Established on tradition and pioneering the future

Out story began in the Lipnica valley, traditionally known for production of clocks. Nearly 70 years later we are the preferred provider of mechatronic solutions to an international customer base.

Established on tradition.
It was 1956 when Iskra Mehanizmi was established, as part of the Iskra Kranj company. At that time, the company was producing telephone meters and dials for electric meters and relay and master clocks. Lipnica valley was well known for fine mechanics, clocks were produced here already in the 19th century.
Entering an era of transformation.
Later, Iskra Mehanizmi continued with the production of counters and dials for electricity meters. An addition to those programs were proprietary products: hour meters, pulse counters, registers, and mechanisms, mainly in cooperation with well-known European companies such as Ivo, ITT, Siemens, Legrand, Hechinger….
First steps towards a new business model.
Market changes in the early 90's challenged us to extend our production programs and reorganize into a joint-stock company with three business units. At that time, the company formed successful partnerships with Philips and Bosch.
What the future holds…
Today, Iskra Mehanizmi is serving its customers in four segments: Automotive, Healthcare, Smart Home and Industrial. With a clear strategic mindset and a focus on customer needs, the company made a historical step in 2021 by relocating to a new, strategic location, near the national airport, Brnik. This move gives a clear signal that the company focuses on growth and development and on serving our customers in the best way possible.