SmartIM – Digitalization for enhanced customer experience

Digitalization of processes is the cornerstone for new business models and a wholesome digital transformation. What drives IM to become a modern, state-of-the-art smart factory are our customers and the need to enhance their customer experience. Major benefits of digitalization for us are streamlined processes, improved productivity, reduced operational costs and enhanced agility.

IM has been chosen as one of the few Slovenian companies that enjoy governmental support in this process. Through the Ministry for economic development and technology we received funding for our digitalization efforts from the EU`s NextGenerationEU recovery plan. More about: Recovery and Resilience plan.

Project worth: 5.306.454,00 EUR

Co-financing sum: 2.199.300,98 EUR

Consortium partners:

The project was selected for co-financing at the Public Tender “Digital transformation of the economy” (JR Digit NOO).

To achieve the final goal, the SmartIM factory, we will digitalize our processes, including purchasing, production and logistics and implement advanced robotization methods and technologies, artificial intelligence, machine-to-machine communication and introduce dedicated software trainings for our colleagues. They will be the center point of the smart factory.

With digitalization we will develop smart products with smart equipment and smart management and optimize our customer`s experience.