Automation of quality control in the production process

At IM we are developing the System for automated quality control in the production process platform, together with our partner, Lotrič Meroslovje. The system will be part of a production line on which a complex product (oil separator) is manufactured. The product and process are based on demanding characteristics, low tolerances and several points in the production process where intermediate quality control of more complex production steps must be ensured in the shortest possible time.

The focus is on measuring the quality of the production steps performed, which is very complex when using outdated methods of direct overview of employees, and automated systems are expensive, often less efficient and relatively slow. The product, an electronically driven oil separator, is not a standard (existing) solution. The oil separator must meet some strict requirements, such as resistance to high levels of integration, maximum adaptation for installation, minimal consumption of space and mass, high vibration levels and the need for integrated sensors and control. All this represents a technological challenge for the development of the production process, and at the same time, the integration of the electronic part of the drive, the electronic circuit with an integrated sensor, is also crucial.

The system will thus play an important role in the production process of integrated quality control of implemented innovative solutions related to the provision of the required functionalities. Without precise quality control, all solutions developed with such small tolerances and in such demanding conditions will not work, especially not within the required product lifetime.

The operation “Development of a system for automated quality control in the production process” is co-financed with the help of grants from the European Union – NextGenerationEU within the framework of the Public Tender – Incentives for research and development projects of NOO (JR RRI NOO). The investment is part of the actions of the plan funded by the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

Consortium partners:

  • LOTRIČ Meroslovje, d.o.o.

Duration: 2.11.2022 – 1.11.2024

Project value: EUR 749,213.12

Estimated value of co-financing: EUR 299,952.42

More information about the tender:

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