Our customers have recognised following R&D competences


Design and validation of electric actuators

Our key strength is design and validation of small EC motors, stepper motors, hybrid motors, solenoid actuators, and actuators with gear box, either rotational or linear ones.

Process development and validation

Design For Assembly and Manufacturing based practice from automotive, household and medical fields enables us to implement robust and cost competitive production processes.

Valid virtual modelling and validation

Plays an important role in our R&D activities enabling significantly shorter product development cycles as well as to exploit our development agility. Parametric and sensitivity analyses are used to get optimal development outputs in an early development stage through DFSS-based approach. Virtual prototyping is based on the state-of-the-art FEA and accompanying software on a daily basis, either to simulate electro-magnetic-thermal behaviour, acoustic response, heat transfer, mould flow for injection moulding, vibration response, and tribology aspects. Our competences involve linear and non-linear domain of investigation.

Our modelling capabilities enables us to accurately predict the actual product behaviour even before the actual, physical prototypes.

Rapid prototyping

Our design team exploit rapid prototyping to inspect, verify and validate the concepts beyond virtual visualization. In-house (CAM-based samples/tools/equipment) or with external support (3D printing, vacuum casting).


With our innovation-driven expertise we provide novel, adapted and/or optimised product and production-process solutions in electromagnetics. Special motors, actuators and magnetising solutions are the key ones. Expert knowledge and know-how in virtual prototyping enables us to achieve record times until the first conceptual prototypes.


Our knowledge in the fields of thermo-mechanics and thermos-electric allows us to select the most appropriate material and assembly configuration as well as to adapt the product to the assembly process where the assembly influences the product thermal management.


More and more an important objective in several of our products is to develop and produce actuators with lower noise than our competition. For that we use different state-of-the-art techniques in time and frequency domain in order to assure the product and the overall system the actuator is built into is able to fulfil our customer needs in NVH.

Gear design

Accurate, small, noise- and vibration-sensitive and high-strength drives need a proper gear design. Our know-how, virtual prototyping-based development, validation and production of the plastic gears will satisfy your motion requirements.

Rotor dynamics

Meeting product and process objectives in terms of unbalance forces is for us a task that we always try to challenge it to an extend where no unbalancing is needed at all. That is how we can make production more competitive, too.


Developing and producing challenging motion solutions, i.e., products that differentiates our solutions in the market, in most cases requires a deeper understanding of the lubrication, materials in contact and exploiting an accelerated validation of the product and process. With our test benches, accompanying software and our experts we do it so that we can provide the smallest actuator/gear sets vs torque for our customer.

Sealing solutions

We integrate different sealing solutions into our product, starting already in the design phase where sealing is many times optimised for life time and function.

Electronics and SW development

PCB HW and SW development for actuators and appliances is something we take over and integrate it into the device/actuator. A typical example is a dedicated EC motor SW driver adapted to final application.

Every in-line tester in our production is a unique, performant and cost competitive solution, either for actuator/motor testing or line control or data monitoring/acquisition what is then integrated into our production cells.