In business with home and commercial appliances and accessories, personal care and health care products and other motor based appliances.

Besides product and process development, we have proven ourselves also in cases where product design is finished and industrialisation is needed.


Our competences gained through cooperation with top brands are short developing cycles, optimized product industrialization, continuous cost saving activities, excellent delivery performance and quick response to customer changes.


As far as Contract Manufacturing is concerned, we can offer:

  • Experienced and target-oriented project management
  • Manufacturing of low level sub-assemblies or high complex finished products
  • Key production technologies mastered in house
  • Complete supply chain management including tooling sourcing and production line designs and set-ups
  • Manufacturing facilities in Slovenia with semi- or fully automated production lines
  • Cost-effective production in our subsidiary in Bosnia if the labor-intensive manufacturing is required
  • Logistics expertise in distributing the products to the market